Reduce PaaS Infrastructure Costs

You’re using a popular CDN solution such as Cloudfront, Cloudflare, or directly connecting to infrastructure providers such as AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud or But you need to connect multiple domains – here’s a guide to how Qloaked can help.

Qloaked’s unique reverse proxy allows you to route traffic from multiple domains through to one endpoint. Better yet, it will manage the security for all of them, provisioning SSL certificates as it detects insecure connections.

This is exactly the problem which leading travel brand PromoteMyPlace faced.

“We needed to secure our customer’s domains as part of our service offering, so we were looking for a way to offload the management of a large number of SSL certificates,” explains PromoteMyPlace’s Paul O’Rourke.

The company turned to Qloaked to help.

How does it work?

Qloaked’s Anycast IP routes traffic through a network of global nodes, with a presence on every continent and five major global cities. This ensures minimal additional latency for users, since we’ll always route traffic to the closest node.

Once it arrives, Qloaked forwards traffic to the correct endpoint. We support servers running on most modern infrastructure providers, with customers using Qloaked with endpoints hosted by:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Cloudflare
  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Heroku
  • Azure Cloud

The same principle can be used to serve multiple domains on WordPress multisite installations. WPMU supports multiple domains out of the box, but securing them all is a pain – Qloaked offers a simple way around the problem.

What were the results?

“The ease of setup and integration, fast certificate issuance and automated renewals have been a real time-saver for us and allowed us to focus our attention on our core business,” says Paul.

Since most hosting providers expect a single host to be connecting, Qloaked allows you to add a host header override. This means that whatever URL you client is connecting through, your host will be able to map traffic to the right place.

It also throws up a side benefit of Qloaked for hosts which bill per SSL certificate they issue or domain connected – you’ll be able to significantly scale the domains attached to your app, paying just the $1/month that Qloaked charges instead of higher fees to your hosting provider.

Now, PromoteMyPlace enjoys an easy life – thousands of clients, without any SSL friction or infrastructure worries.

“We’d recommend Qloaked to any SaaS business where customers have their own domains,” concludes Paul.

“It makes management of multiple SSL certificates a breeze.”