Provide Whitelabel Ecommerce Services

You run an ecommerce service provider – offering a storefront, checkout services, conversion optimization services or marketing software, perhaps.

Your clients need a whitelabel service using their own domain address – here’s how Qloaked can help.

Whether you’re building on Shopify or a custom platform, offering bespoke branding for your clients is a must in ecommerce.

This was the case for Qloaked client SimpleShop.

This UK-based company pride themselves on simplicity, but also wanted to ensure they were offering the safest option:

“As a website builder for ecommerce, both our store owners and their customers need to be 100% sure of a secure connection,”explains Iain Haywood of SimpleShop.

Like many other payment gateways, marketing businesses and third-party data processors, Simpleshop turned to Qloaked to power their ecommerce solution.

Qloaked allows clients to point their custom domains at your application without any configuration required. We’ll secure their traffic as soon as it passes through our reverse proxy, before sending it on to your server.

“[Qloaked] automatically takes care of certification from the moment traffic is detected on a new domain,” explains Iain.

We secure connections in seconds, so there’s no wait time for your users. And for you, there’s zero extra config and no need to handle messy SSL certificates – we take care of everything, so it just works.

SimpleShop had tried several routes to solve this for themselves, and found Qloaked to be the perfect solution for their needs.

“Qloaked solves a simple but frustrating problem when it comes to SSL assignment for custom domains for our clients.”