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Painless SSL for everybody, instantly

Qloaked provides instant security for third-party domains, provisioned on the fly. Gain all the benefits of SSL (security, speed, SEO improvements), without the pain of transitioning users.

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What clients are saying

How global clients use Qloaked to secure their businesses at the edge, with no hassle.

“Qloaked greatly helped us to improve our customer onboarding flow. Now our signup process is hassle-free and doesn't require any effort from our customers.”
Mohan V
“Qloaked solves a simple but frustrating problem when it comes to SSL assignment for custom domains for our clients.”
“Qloaked is super straightforward - we can give simple instructions to any client setting up a custom domain and it just works.”
“We’d recommend Qloaked to any SaaS business where customers have their own domains. It makes management of multiple SSL certificates a breeze.”
“At Beacon.by we needed to be able to quickly provision SSL certs for customers. As a small team, building our own solution wasn't an option. That's when we found Qloaked; simple setup, seamless and most importantly cost effective. Customer support has been excellent and the service runs quietly in the background allowing us to concentrate on our core business. Thoroughly recommended.”

No Hassle SSL for SaaS and Ecommerce Business

Qloaked is built to minimize overhead for SaaS and ecommerce businesses who need simple white-label solutions for clients, without the hassle of handling SSL certificates in-house.
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One Click Setup

You forward your existing CNAME target (e.g. clients.yourapp.com) to Qloaked

secure server

Seamless Transitions

Qloaked seamlessly transitions all connection requests via custom domains to SSL on the fly.

Secure Domains

Your happy clients enjoy encrypted domains for their visitors, with no extra work.

How we're different

Focus on Clients, Not Security

Use Qloaked to secure one, one hundred or one thousand customer domains pointed at your service in just minutes, removing the headache of insecure connections once and for all. We built Qloaked to handle our own SSL for SaaS problems – and now you can use it too.

Flawless security

Secure connections when you need them – industry-standard Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates to protect customer data, protect against man-in-the-middle attacks and network packet sniffing.


Automated SSL management

No purchases and no certificate hosting – the Qloaked SSL for SaaS solution is totally automated. Qloaked deploys and manages Let’s Encrypt certificates almost instantly. No more engineering requests on your side.


Timelessly secure

Traditional SSL certificates run for up to two years, but Qloaked uses certificates that auto-rotate every 90 days, keeping your customers – and their customers – more secure than ever.

Lowered liability

Keeping valuable private keys secure on behalf of clients is a compliance risk your business can do without. Forget handling certificates – Qloaked stores and keeps all keys encrypted at rest.


Instantaneous deployment

Forget the nightmare of transitioning blocks of users, requesting settings updates or managing config for users. It’s all done, in an instant, with no more messy customer success interactions to configure CNAMEs.


Branding peace of mind

Your clients know that their visitors feel safe, thanks to valid certificates for fully-encrypted connections.


Our Global Network

Qloaked handles traffic from around the world.

Get started with Qloaked SSL at the edge today.