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How to set up Docker, Traefik and Let’s Encrypt for SSL

Traefik is an awesome open-source tool from Containous which makes reverse proxying traffic to multiple apps easy. It runs in a Docker container, which means setup is fairly simple, and can handle routing to multiple servers from multiple sources. We … Read More

Setting Up Vanity URLs for SaaS via Qloaked

This is a guide on how Qloaked can help SaaS companies set up fully-secured vanity URLs for end-users, without handling certificates or requiring any integration with external APIs. The Vanity URL Problem in SaaS and Ecommerce A common problem for … Read More

Cloudflare vs Qloaked

Cloudflare SSL for SaaS vs Qloaked: What’s the Difference?

When we founded Qloaked, we were facing a fairly common ‘vanity URL’ problem and the only solution we were able to find on the market came from the Cloudflare SSL for SaaS service. Now, we’ll say up front that we love Cloudflare – … Read More